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  1. Welcome Gabee!

    Welcome to Dezining Diva, Gabee! So glad to see you tagging again.....I'm looking forward to requesting/receiving your wonderful creations again! Cheers,
  2. Aqua Butterfly

    Marina, thanks so much for the wonderful tag. You delivered it to me via your A/L, of which I am a member! Cheers,
  3. Aqua Butterfly

    G'day Marina May I please have this gorgeous tag with the following details: Sandra; Dark Brown hair - using the same head as you have on the tag would be really nice - otherwise something that is long with curls/waves in dark brown! Cheers, Sandra
  4. Welcome Bev!!

    Welcome to DD, Bev!! I know after all the Yuku shenanigans, that you're going to be welcome here and that you'll feel right at home! As always, I'm looking forward to your wonderful creations for request/games etc, once you get setup!! Cheers,
  5. Sandra

    Thanks so much for my gorgeous tag, Marina! Cheers,
  6. Dezining Diva Tag request guidelines

    Read & understood, Jamie! Cheers,
  7. Jamie, I love dolphins. Do you have any in your creative weaponry that could be used to come up with a brilliant tag for request (the one I'm wearing in my sig below, was my by Wendy over at Anytime Sigs)? Thanks!


    Sandra Aqua Diver Girlavi by Wendy

    Sandra Aqua Diver Girl by Wendy

    1. DivaAdmin


      That's an awesome tag!! Let me see what I can come up with. ;)


    2. Aquaphin


      Cool! Happy creating!



  8. Sandra (Aquaphin)

    Like it - are you kidding? I love it, Jamie! It's absolutely fabulous! Thanks so much for going the extra mile and creating this custom tag for me - it was a nice surprise, and it's greatly appreciated!! I'll wear it with great joy! Cheers,
  9. Sandra (Aquaphin)

    To what do I owe the pleasure of receiving this gorgeous tag for, Jamie? Thanks so very much for the lovely surprise! Cheers,
  10. Sandra (Aquaphin)

    Much!! Thanks so much for the revised tag, Jamie! Cheers,
  11. Sandra (Aquaphin)

    Not really into the Halloween thing at all - unless it's really cute ghosts/witches/trick or treating!! LOL!! Cheers, Cheers,
  12. Sandra (Aquaphin)

    I'm not really into skull type tags, but thankyou for another unique creation, Jamie! Cheers,
  13. Sandra (Aquaphin)

    I'm not sure either, but I always love it when I receive one of your gorgeous doll tags, Jamie! Tell me, do you do pixel tags (see my siggy below)? Cheers,
  14. Sandra (Aquaphin)

    Wow! Thanks so much for the lovely surprise game win, Jamie! Cheers,
  15. Sandra (Aquaphin)

    Wow....another fabulous tag! Thanks so much, Jamie! Cheers,